Our Story

As mentioned in their bios, Tiffany D. & Tiffany B. were both born with a passion for food and travel. For them, there is nothing like dining at an up and coming restaurant or stepping on soil of places they have never been around the world. With these similar passions, it is no surprise to hear they met at a foodie event shortly after Tiffany B. moved to Cincinnati. What was surprising was the convo that ensued, bringing to light the many similarities and connections they would unfold. To highlight:

  • Their March birthdays are exactly one week apart
  • They attended two colleges in Alabama 15 minutes apart from each other
  • They moved to the same location, the same month (Tiffany B. from Virginia; Tiffany D. from another area of Cincinnati), which provides them the flexibility of walking to each other’s homes
  • Their last names are quite similar
    • Tiffany B’s maiden name is Davis
    • Tiffany D’s last name is Dace
  •  They were both selected to be apart of the same elite food review community, which is how they met

Some may call it crazy. Some may call it creepy! Some may call it coincidental….

We call it a bond. A connection. A partnership. A sisterhood. A merge of passions.

It takes some years to develop deep relationships with people. Not us! We were blessed to trust in our vibe and what brought us together from the start. Because, when you know, you just know! This connection allowed the expansion of the Pursuit of Delights, to further enhance and keep the goals and passions alive. We are so excited to continue sharing our growth and experiences with you all!

~Tiffany x2; Tiffany Squared; The Tiffs 😉