Tiffany D. – Partner, Pursuit of Delights

Hello everyone! I am Tiffany, the face behind The Pursuit of Delights. Pleased to meet you all! *Virtual hugs all around* I am a Cincinnati based blogger with a deep appreciation and passion for food and  travel. So, why the Pursuit of Delights? In a nutshell, my experiences with each are behind some of the top highlights of my life and I would like to share them with the world!

When it comes to traveling, I am blessed to say I have a great amount of domestic travel along with a bit of international over the years. Within my journeys, my joy of capturing the beauty of each location has always been deeply rooted. My pictures were often posted to social media, stimulating conversation from my followers on their experiences at similar locations or desires to go. Although I have been to many large, highly rated cities, I am also appreciative of the small towns with great character. I am often the “go-to” person when planning unique experiences while traveling. If an excursion (whether big or small) is proposed, it is rare for me to say no! There is always something to see, people to meet, and experiences to document! How else are we to fully grasp and welcome the differences around the world?! Of course we could read about them, but what better way to do it than waking up in a location completely different from what you are used to? 🙂

Now… FOOD! I have always wondered if I have another person living inside of me because the amount of food I can eat is pretty impressive! 😉 There is nothing like a great meal at a great restaurant! On the Pursuit of Delights, you will mainly find exclusive restaurants that are not your typical chains. Being a native of Cincinnati had a huge impact on this. Living here majority of my life has allowed me to see the city transform tremendously, booming with eclectic and vibrant eateries. It is amazing how new, fresh restaurants can change the look and feel of an area. My goal is to bring to light the gems in Cincinnati and everywhere else! Whether it is a mom and pop, a diner, or an exquisite location, you will find all things delicious featured here!


Whether intentionally or stumbled upon by mistake, I thank you all for taking the time to browse through our pursuits! I encourage you all to like, comment, and especially follow the journey to stay up to date with each new experience!