French Food and Beverage Federation

I have had the pleasure of visiting France once and immediately fell in love with the food and drink options. The food in particular stood out to me. I’d always been told the selections were good, but they were actually quite fantastic! I was really craving French food, but thankfully, in perfect timing, I was able to review a variety of French products from the French Food and Beverage Federation, all directly from France! 

Each item was nicely sealed and ready for use. The box it comes in was also lovely! The design on the outside made me so eager to open it up! As I unveiled its contents, I knew what I was going to do with them- make a cheese and charcuterie plate! It would be perfect for an event I had coming up.

For my board, the items I chose to use were the Favols apricot almond and orange patisserie and Henaff pork liver confit with black pepper. They paired perfectly with the brie, figs, salami and apricots I purchased from a local store. The patisserie was the perfect balance of sweetness with the salami and crackers. My guests and I were a bit hesitant to try the pork liver confit, but it was amazing!! The only feedback we have is.. more please! 😉

As a special bonus, I had them try the Elixia sparkling French lemonade and CaramBar caramel as a sweet treat. The lemonade brought us back to Summer while the caramel reminded us of our current Fall season. It was the perfect way to cap off the night.

If you love French food, I would highly recommend you order a box. It was the perfect way to remind me of the place I love and what I love doing most- eating!

Bonne journee!


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