Jimmy John’s – Wheat Yeah, Freak Yeah

Hello fellow foodies!!! We have a super exciting announcement for you! Pursuit of Delights has partnered with Jimmy John’s to bring you a cool new feature of theirs! If you are not already aware, Jimmy John’s is well known for offering sandwiches using high quality ingredients, all-natural meats, and locally purchased vegetables that are hand sliced daily. They also have insanely fast service and use freshly baked bread made in store daily. Can you say YUM?! From the first time I ate at Jimmy John’s (many, many years ago), I  was impressed with their variety of sandwiches which were always so carefully, yet swiftly crafted. For anyone that loves a good deli sandwich, it’s like walking on cloud 9 in food form!

DSC_0172Jimmy John’s has offered a lettuce wrap, French bread, or 9-grain hand-sliced wheat bread to pair with the sandwich of your choosing. (Side note: This is always tough for me because they have so many great combinations!) Well NOW…. they have officially taken their bread to a whole other level! As if it couldn’t get any better, as of September 4 th , they began offering a 9-Grain Wheat SUB option nationwide! If you’re anything like us, you just yelled “Wheat Yeah, Freak Yeah™ ” (or some other fun phrase) with an extreme amount of excitement! This is HUGE for our conscious followers who love to eat great food while still focusing on quality ingredients. Any of your favorite sandwiches can now be placed on this new 9-Grain Wheat Sub. What an amazing addition. If you have not been to Jimmy John’s and/or are unfamiliar with why this is a big deal, let us dive into the specifics of this sub to explain why…

This is not your average wheat sub guys. Jimmy John’s went above and beyond with this one; offering only the best of the best! The new 9-Grain Wheat Sub is made with high quality ingredients such as Rye, Flaxseed, Quinoa, Millet, Oats, Barley, Amarath, Wheat and Spelt PLUS molasses, honey, sunflower seeds, and corn meal for an awesome addition of flavor. What?! … YES…you have all of that packed into a sub. Bread can be healthy for you and they are certainly showing us how! Are you excited yet? We could barely contain it!


We had the pleasure of trying this sub and my oh my… Not only does it have amazing
ingredients; it is also delicious! The combination was truly amazing. We loved how unique it was without taking away from what we’ve always loved about Jimmy John’s. This is officially the new way to roll… with the 9-Grain Wheat Sub! WOOP WOOP!
If you haven’t been in and tried this new selection, find your local Jimmy John’s and head in today! They’re Freaky Fast and Freaky Fresh! All you need is a few minutes to order a sandwich with this new sub and your belly will be filled with love! We can’t wait to go back and try our many favorites on this yummy sub!

Enjoy foodies!


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