Did Someone Say Burgers?? Let’s MEAT!

The Pursuit of Delights is back for our second feature in Travel Host Magazine! This time, we are here to share with you our top BURGER options within the surrounding area. Don’t eat meat? No worries… we have a vegetarian option in there for you too! Keep reading to see which burger joints fill our bellies with delight!!!

Americano Burger Bar Downtown Cincinnati, OH

IMG_4546Atmosphere: Fun, Funky and Cool. The dining area is a large open concept that is warm and welcoming. It can be used to host burger eaters of all ages. It even has a Shuffleboard and Foosball Table.
Burger of Choice: Who doesn’t love $5 burgers? If you go on Tuesday, $5 Americano Burger night, you will be in for a delight. This burger is a classic, but classics never get old! Add a side of fries for a small additional fee. With Shuffleboard, Foosball, a classic burger and fries, you will indeed have the perfect burger night!


CWC Wyoming Cincinnati, OhioIMG_4547

You will feel as if you’ve entered someone’s home who happens to have
super cute décor! They are a charming and friendly restaurant with a small, yet diverse menu.

Burger of Choice: If you love cheese and a thick, juicy burger, CWC is for you! They smother theirs in a nice, melty cheddar cheese sauce, which so deliciously slides over the fries as well. Word of advice…. Don’t forget to bring your bib! You’ll need it!

Flip Side West Chester, Ohio

IMG_4548Atmosphere: It may seem like your typical restaurant, but they’ll surprise you! They have a robust menu and a patio that is awesome. If you’re feeling bold, try one of their craft milkshakes to go along with your grass-fed burger!

Burger of Choice: The Flipside Burger contained flavors that were large and in charge! Don’t forget to add a side of the chile rubbed, crispy onion rings! Crazy good!



IMG_4549Mad Mike’s Newport, KY

Atmosphere: Fun and Family Friendly; located just a short walk from Newport on the Levee. If you don’t want anything fancy from the Levee, visit Mad Mike’s for burgers and fries!

Burger of Choice: If you want a gangster burger, try the American Outlaw. It’s indeed the classic Outlaw. If you don’t want plain, boring fries, add bacon, ranch and cheese for a twist. If you’re into the world of not normal, try the Goliath. Its mouthwatering ingredients are between two grilled cheese sandwiches! Now that’s gangster!

IMG_4550Nation Kitchen and Bar Downtown Cincinnati, OH
Atmosphere: If you love beers, burgers and bars, this is the spot for you! Most of the seats are bar tops with a small area that includes a couch and low tables.

Burger of Choice: If a burger and tots were the only things we could get in “The Nation”, we’d be satisfied! Their Nation burger with their Loaded Tater Tots is AHHHmazing! There’s just something about their 6oz brisket blend patties. It will have you saying the Pledge of Allegiance backwards!

IMG_4551Northstar Café West Chester, Ohio

Atmosphere: If you mixed hip + earthy + friendly, you’d get Northstar Café. They aim to please and will likely have you smiling for no reason due to their bubbly personalities.

Burger of Choice: Vegetarians… this one is for you! The Northstar Burger is completely organic and out of this world!! It is absolutely one I’d go back for. I never knew I’d love a meatless burger this much!

IMG_4552Pleasantry OTR Cincinnati, OH

Atmosphere: Small, cute, and quaint, but spacious enough for a cozy time. It’s the perfect happy hour spot or afternoon date with the girls/guys or that special someone. You will love seeing the interaction that takes place in the kitchen with their cool, open concept!

Burger of Choice: I know, I know, who ever thought you would find a good burger at this type of restaurant? However, you can never go wrong with their seasonal burger. It changes, but the combinations are always fun! The one in season during my visit had pimento cheese, pickles, red onion, and bibb lettuce. It felt like I had found a small gem in the world of burgers.

IMG_4553Terry’s Turf Club Cincinnati, Ohio

Atmosphere: You literally can’t miss this restaurant. They have ALL of the bright lights and are full of color. Fun fact: They were featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives! Let’s see if you can spot Guy Fieri’s picture inside!

Burger of Choice: You can get as creative as you’d like because their menu is “build your own”! For your made to order burger, we suggest a fried egg, bacon, brie cheese, and burgundy wine sauce! Doesn’t that sound fancy?!

Didn’t see your top burger on the list? Drop the name in the comments below so we can check it out! Click here to access the digital version of our burger article. Click here to see the full 2nd edition of Cincinnati’s Travel Host Magazine!

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