Piper & Leaf – Huntsville, AL

As some of you may know, I, Tiffany B., am from Huntsville, AL. While Huntsville has a small food scene compared to larger cities, I couldn’t help but feature this awesome family run tea company. Piper and Leaf must be my favorite tea location!I love the fact that it is family owned and locally sourced. I remember when they were a pop- up shop and attended all the local farmer’s markets. They’ve now grown to having multiple locations selling their amazing tea. I stop by every time I come home. My favorite flavor tea is the Orchard Peach. It’s vibrant peach flavor along with hibiscus flower, dried rose, papaya, and pineapple, combine to produce a light, healthy, and refreshing drink. Considering I am from the south, I love all things that play on southern culture. One of my favorite things about Piper & Leaf is they serve their tea in mason jars that everyone can bring back for what they call a “refill”. A refill is slightly cheaper than purchasing a new jar every time. It also gives you more tea than the alternative $4 plastic cup they have as an option as well. But, I mean c’mon, a jar is so much more fun! They are definitely a down home, southern tea company that makes every tea blend with love. I promise it will be good til’ the last drop 😊 If you live in the area or are just passing through Huntsville, be sure to stop by Piper and Leaf and indulge in their delicious homemade teas.

P.S. They also have amazing homemade scones and other baked goods!!

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