Pizza is Always the Answer!!

Tiff Squared at TaglioCincinnati Pizza Week 2017 is finally here! For seven days (Nov. 6 – 12, 2017), pizzerias across Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky will bake up their spin on the traditional Italian dish. From signature pies to specialty menu items, each pizzeria will bring their own uniqueness for everyone to try. In preparation for Pizza Week, the Pursuit of Delights was able to try and feature 4 pizzerias of our choice to present here on the blog. Tiff Squared wanted to give you pizza lovers a head start and sneak peek on some of Cincinnati’s most popular pizza joints! Now come on and take a dive with us and see where our pizza plane landed us…


Our first stop and stamp in our Cincinnati Pizza Week Passport was Taglio – an entity of A Tavola. This establishment is located at 3531 Columbia Pkwy Cincinnati, OH 45226. The difference between Taglio and A Tavola is A Tavola focuses on the Italian, fine dining experience. Taglio focuses just on pizza. The pizzas at both locations are different in taste. A Tavola’s pizza is more like what you

Taglio Pizza
14″ Bianco

would find in Italy; whereas, Taglio’s pizza is a less sophisticated version of Italian pizza- fun and not so fancy. The crust at Taglio is also a little thicker.

The pizza being featured is their 14” Bianco. It is made up of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, Parsley, Fresh Ricotta, and Aged Mozzarella. It was pretty in appearance and good in taste. It was more for a fun yet sophisticated palate. If you like simple pizzas like plain sausage or pepperoni, this is probably not for you. The ricotta cheese gives it a slightly different texture and adds a little tang. While it is different in taste it is still fun! It is considered a white pizza – extra virgin olive oil base and not a marinara sauce. Overall, this pizza was different, and we really enjoyed something out of the norm.

2. Two Cities Pizza

Our next stop in this tour was Two Cities Pizza located at 202 West Main Street Mason, OH 45040. When we arrived, we were greeted by an old city building that was built the same year as the Empire State building in New York. We walked in to what placed us on the streets of New York City. The décor was beautiful and matched the theme of the establishment to the tee. The pizzas being featured during Pizza Week at this establishment are their 12” The Cabbie – Thin Crust and the 9” Pepperoni – Deep Dish.

The Cabbie was made up of Gouda, bacon, red onion, potato, scallions, chipotle aioli drizzle, and garlic cream drizzle on our house made New York-style crust. This was definitely a pizza that was fun and different. Tiff Squared and the cabIt was basically a loaded baked potato but on a pizza. Yes, this may sound weird or funny, but it was actually good! It was also so pretty to look at. Their dough is homemade and has a patent. It was amazing!

Now let’s have a “pep” talk. The pepperoni deep dish pizza was everything and more. It reminded us of true Chicago style pizza. It was simple but full of flavor. The dough was also very good. We could tell it was made with love and hard work and could taste it with every bite. They also have amazing salads. We tried the Chicago Greek and Melting Pot salads. Both were amazing and all of the dressings are made home made in house. Two Cities definitely Spread Love the Brooklyn Way! 😊


Our third stop on the pizza plane was Delicio Coal Fired Pizza located at 3701 Montgomery Rd Cincinnati, OH 45202. Located in the heart of Xavier University, this is the perfect comfort food for college students. It’s a large establishment with an area to

Mac & Cheese Pizza
13″ Cheddar Mac

eat and an area for the students to play games, talk and enjoy pizza. The pizzas are made in a brick oven open concept; located in the center of the pizzeria. They also have a clear glass up where you can see the pizza being made, topped and put into the open oven.

The pizza being featured is their 13” Cheddar Mac. It is made up of Zesty creme fraiche base, cavatappi pasta, sharp cheddar, formaggio-fusione cheese. It was fun and definitely kid friendly. It is their take on Macaroni & Cheese, cheesy and topped with noodles! Neither of us have had a pizza with noodles on it so it was nice to try something new. Try this pizza and after you order, be sure to post some noods of it! 😉


4.Strong’s Brick Oven Pizzeria 

Our last and final stop of this pizza adventure was Strong’s Brick Oven Pizzeria located at 336 Monmouth St Newport, KY 41051. We wanted to at least feature one location outside of Cincinnati. We were happy with the decision we made in giving Strong’s a try. This

strongs pizza_2
10″ Pizza Alla Vodka

location is right behind the Levee so there are many places you can walk and experience after you have some good pizza. It’s also housed in this cute little brick building with dark purple shutters. When you walk in, it is cozy and feels like you have entered someone’s home.

The pizza being featured is their 10” Pizza Alla Vodka. It is made up of Strong’s famous vodka cream sauce, mozzarella, seasoned fresh mushrooms, spinach and prosciutto. It looked so good when it first arrived at the table! It was full of flavor and so delicious. All the ingredients came together nicely to create a fun and adult version of a cheese pizza. This is definitely for someone with a fancier palate. A very good pie!


While this pizza journey has come to an end for us, it is just beginning for you. Definitely get your Cincinnati Pizza Week Passport, get it stamped and don’t get left behind. We hope you enjoy your pizza adventures as much as we did ours. Get lost in the city and remember,


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