KWality Meals From a Self Taught Chef

When we created the “Feature of the Week” section, our focus was to feature quality chefs, restaurants, events, & food related entrepreneurs who have a burning desire for the culinary industry. Although we have a deep appreciation for all chefs, there is truly something special about those that are self taught. They share the same passion, but typically have to work even harder to receive the accolades deserving to them. 

Meet Kelvin, founder of KWality Eats…  IMG_8981

Many people discover their skills in the kitchen by being tasked to cook for their family. Kelvin definitely has first hand experience with this. While growing up in Cleveland, his mother worked upwards of 12 hours each day. To help with the house duties, he cooked for everyone beginning at the tender age of 12. Little did he know, this would lead to his very own catering business for events of all sorts in Cincinnati.

After receiving his degree from the University of Cincinnati, he began having brunch events for his friends. These events received rave reviews, which encouraged him to expand his passion into something more serious. As Kelvin says, “You are what you eat,” which explains why his meals are of such great quality! This concept birthed the idea of KWality Eats (quality with a KW representing his initials), which has become a successful catering company known throughout Cincinnati and surrounding areas. Some of his proudest events are Kegs and Eggs, a staple breakfast event for UC’s homecoming and Ballet and Beer at the Cincinnati Ballet. Each event served over 200 hungry people!

Although his business is thriving and keeps him busy, he still makes time to have family style events for his friends, prepared with soul and love. Seafood boils, chicken and waffles, and bloody mary nights are just a few of his themed creations for his closest friends. Can you imagine being his roommate?! HEAVEN ON A PLATE DAILY!

Our stomachs are officially grumbling just from typing this and we’re sure your mouths are watering as well! 😉 If you have an event planned and are looking for a great meal to pair it with, we definitely recommend KWality Eats, as the meals are even better than they look. You will taste the heart in every bite!

Thank you Kelvin for sharing YOUR pursuit!

*Video created by Cintagious with edits from Donald Hancock

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