Experience the 2017 Cincinnati Food and Wine Classic

Surprisingly, I never attended the annual Cincinnati Food and Wine Classic, but have always heard great things about it. When promotions began for the 2017 edition, I absolutely knew I was going to make it. The event was 2 days of deliciousness. I attended all day Saturday, broken into day and night events. Man, am I happy I did! It was nothing short of amazing and so well put together.  What a pIMG_8316erfect way to celebrate all things food and wine! There was such a lovely appreciation for those behind the scenes working so hard everyday to live out their passion. It brings me great pleasure to even write about it!

As you read below, let me tell you, the pictures are only a snippet of what was provided. The beauty of paying ahead (which was at a VERY reasonable price in comparison to all you received) is you do not have to worry about bringing anything but your appetite! All is covered no matter how much food or wine you choose to have. Now, let’s get to the good stuff!

IMG_0907Saturday day was focused heavily on the Rising Stars within the food industry. It was filled with unique demos (such as pizza making & homemade Oreos), live podcasts, rising star food showcases, executive chefs competition, live fire grill station and eats,
and much more! There was never a dull moment. The only con was there were some events overlapping others and I wanted to attend them ALL! 🙂 That is not a true con, as I’d much rather have too many to choose from than too little! I have to give a HUGE kudos to all involved because it unexpectedly hit a high of 92 degrees! This never impacted any of the events, the quality of the food, or the fun environment provided to all guests!

Saturday evening focused on 25 renowned local, regional, and national chefs serving an unlimited supply of wonderful plates for hungry guests! Each location did such a wonderful job of moving swiftly- again in the HEAT, leaving no one waiting for long. Aside from the food, there were great wines and beer to pair your plates with and live music to dance to.

Grilled hamburger with bacon, smoked cheddar, and slaw

If that weren’t enough, there was also a dessert grand tasting, bar crawl, marketplace to
purchase products, and once again, the live grill pavilion, which served ribs, fish,
hamburgers, chicken, pulled pork, etc. Are you stuffed just from reading yet?! My belly certainly was, but I just couldn’t stop!


IMG_4159In closing, the event was awesome and special and by far the best I’ve attended in quite some time. It was a community of food and wine united at a beautiful location. I could not have asked for a better night. So take your time and scroll through the pictures below. If you missed it, hopefully they will show how delicious and fun the event was! Cheers to next year!





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