The Boca Experience

This post is appropriately named “The Boca Experience” because you get just that when you dine at this restaurant. Located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, Boca is often found at the top of the list for best restaurants in the city. I was finally able to see why. The unique and intimate establishment offers delicious snack, small plate, primi, land & sea, and dessert menu options. To get the full experience, I recommend ordering at least one of each (even better if you are with others and sample different items!) Not only was the food beyond amazing, each staff member was warm and friendly, offering detailed descriptions on all items. The kitchen is also wide open, adding a fun touch to the experience. To share amongst the table, we ordered:


Pommes Soufflées- Think of a large, airy, soft french fry that melts in your mouth. Amazing! Now try not to eat them all too fast!

Small Plate

Heirloom Tomatoes- with tomato sherry vinaigrette, basil, french feta, and capezzana olive oil. This was one of my favorite options of the night. The tomatoes tasted as if they were just pulled from the vine! Their sweetness mixed with the feta and vinaigrette were to die for!


Corn Elote-Pasta filled with sweet corn, lime, jalapeño, cojita, and pigment d’espelette. This dish was the “underdog” of the night. When I think of corn, I don’t necessarily get excited, but Boca found a way to use it and make it quite the delectable dish. It was smooth, rich, and completely satisfying!

Fusilli Bolognese– meat and tomato ragu with parmigiana reggiano. When bolognese is a menu option, it is hard for me to pass up. I am a sucker for it! To describe this dish, I will say Boca’s was one of the best I’ve had, which says a lot!

Land & Sea

Petrale Sole Grenobloise – with sun choke puree, roasted cauliflower, hazelnut, brown butter and sautéed spinach. This dish is great for those that desire a mild, yet tender fish. I was able to try a bite, which was yummy!

Amish Chicken– with wild mushroom, heirloom carrots, and black truffle. You truly can’t go wrong with a perfectly cooked breast of chicken. When Boca layers it over a great medley and risotto, the dish turns from good to incredible!

Let’s not forget about dessert!

Chocolate Terrine– with toasted pistachio, olive oil, and smoked salt. This was such a delightful way to end the night. The chocolate was rich, but well balanced with the crunch and salt from its toppings.

Talk about an exquisite experience! With their use of such bold and unique flavors, Boca truly lived up to all expectations! To maintain its fresh feel, the menu is changed regularly. If the option mentioned here are no longer available, I guarantee something equally or more delicious will be there waiting for you!


Have you dined at Boca? If so, share your experience in the comments below or under Share Your Pursuits!


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