Desire for San Diego

Over time, while browsing through Pursuit of Delights, you may read commentary on my love for San Diego. Cincinnati is home and I travel to other locations often, I have a very soft spot for this gorgeous city. If you have been, you know and understand why I have chosen to dedicate a post to it. Although I have been a few times, my recent visit triggered an intense desire to eventually migrate to the West Coast.It’s hard to pick a starting point when describing this city, so I’ll highlight a few of my favorite areas:

  1. The infamous, number one ranked San Diego Zoo This zoo is certainly not made just for kids. I was well into adulthood when I went and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was the first time I’ve seen different animals that typically don’t pair well together cuddled up in the same space. My favorite area was the polar bear exhibit. One bear continuously swam to one rock, pushed off of it, then completed a back glide to the other side of the pool. Repeat. Life was so simple for him! 🙂 
  2. Coronado- Coronado is a bridge away (about 7 miles) from downtown San Diego and is well worth the drive! It is absolutely beautiful! The water is cold (to be expected in this area), but you get used to it. They also have many restaurants overlooking the ocean to make for a relaxing, fun experience. Also in this area is the Spa inside of Hotel Del Coronado. It was, by far, THE BEST hot stone massage I have ever received. They truly listen to your needs and problem areas, making you feel as if you’re walking on a cloud upon leaving! Sangrias were also offered at the end, which was a major bonus (on specific days/events only)!
  3. Gaslamp District- The gaslamp district is bustling with a wide variety of restaurants and bars. It is perfect if you are unsure of what vibe or taste you are looking for, are with a large group of people, or want a mix of options to satisfy all cravings. You can even cook your own food without messing up your kitchen ;)(pictured below at the Gaslamp strip club)! 

Although I was unable to make one, (but caught a great pic of the inside from my hotel), I encourage you to also catch a San Diego Padres game at Petco park. If you are not a fan, you can go simply to enjoy the weather, root for the team, have a hotdog, and eat lots of peanuts! 

If you have been, tell me more about your journey through San Diego by leaving a comment below and/or Share Your Pursuits!

Until next time San Diego!

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