Cincinnati Burger Week Review

The annual Cincinnati Burger Week has officially concluded! *whines* I know… I was sad too! As a true foodie would, I planned my week around burgers in an attempt to visit as many locations as possible- and that I did! Take look at the deliciousness I devoured and my reviews throughout the week:

BurgerFi-The Banks   


For BurgerFi to have freshly made burgers, I was pretty surprised with how quickly they delivered our food (and this was during the lunch hour rush)! I ordered the special of the week- the “BurgerFi Burger” with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and BurgerFi sauce with hand cut chili cheese fries while my cousin ordered the bacon cheeseburger with hand cut fries topped with parmesan and herb. This is great burger joint to visit following a Red’s game or night out on the banks. Highly recommend!

Flipside- Liberty Center 


Flip side featured the “Flipside Burger” with bacon, cheddar, red onions, and bbq. The picture looks amazing, which matched the taste as well. The size was extremely filling, but I couldn’t stop eating! To top it off, I also ordered the hand cut fries with brisket and jalapeños and crispy onion rings (I was hungry…..) The fries were good, but the onion rings were insane! Some of the best I’ve had. When you visit, please do yourself a favor and order them!

Brown Dog Cafe-Summit Park 

The Flying Pig

Last, but not least, I dined at Brown Dog Cafe, which featured the “Flying Pig” with bbq, pork belly, cheddar, onion compote, and lettuce. As much as I wanted to love the burger, I unfortunately did not. It was not as fresh as the others and also would have been better with fried pork belly. However, I would go back, as the service was excellent and the menu is filled with many great sounding options.

Overall, the variety of locations and burgers was quite expansive. There were great breakdowns of each restaurant’s feature to help narrow down the options.  All burgers were $5, when they normally would range from $10-15, which is an amazing deal. I hope you took advantage of the week as much as I did! If so, Share Your Burger Adventures with us! If you happened to miss it, check out the locations featured. All items are a part of their everyday menu!

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