16-Bit-Bar+Arcade-Cincinnati, OH

First off…. How cool is this drink?! So I can get my favorite childhood popsicle dipped in an adult beverage… ?? At 16 Bit Bar and Arcade, the answer would be yes! This bar opened its doors a few years back in the quickly revitalized, OTR. It instantly gained a respectable name for itself based on its concept. No matter the day of the week, they are typically packed with people eager to play a wide range of arcade games they know and love from their younger years. Space Invaders, Ninja Turtles, Pacman, Donkey Kong… you name it and it’s like there! They then top this off with “new age” cocktails topped with candies such as gummies, pop rocks, and swedish fish. It is the ultimate bar to let your hair down and appreciate all of the things you knew and loved! Who’s up for a round of Pinball? 😉


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