Holtman’s – Cincinnati, OH location (OTR)

Each time I walk into Holtman’s, my stomach starts to do the happy dance! My first experience with them was years ago when I was walking down Vine street in OTR. Similar to the picture shown below, there was a line out the door despite it being pretty darn cold out. I saw the large hanging donut sign and knew where my steps were now leading me. When I finally made it inside, I saw a wide range of fun toppings such as our favorite cereals as a child, bacon, coconut, red velvet, etc., but they also offered traditional options such as plain glaze, jelly filled, fritters and many more! I ordered a half dozen mixed with one absolutely having to be maple bacon (If you read my previous donut post, you understand my love for the sweet and salty combination). Not only were they scrumptious, they also lasted a few days without hardening. Holtman’s now has locations in OTR, Williamsburg, Loveland and a fourth coming soon to West Chester! If you are near one, I would not be surprised if you too, wait in the cold just to get your hands on one!

Holtman's OTR


Holtman's OTR


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  1. […] Our last stop was the well-known Holtman’s Doughnuts. Although I was too full to eat anything else, we were all given our choice doughnut. I ordered the maple bacon to have once I finally made more room. 🙂 Although many mistakenly think Holtman’s is a restaurant founded in Cincinnati, it actually dates back to May 1960, and is based out of Newton, Ohio. Read more about Holtman’s deliciousness in our previous post here: Holtman’s – Cincinnati, OH location (OTR) […]

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