A Tavola- Cincinnati, Ohio location

A Tavola is a Cincinnati based restaurant with an Italian, community based feel. All options served are meant to be shared with your fellow dining mates. Quality ingredients are used with all recipes being family based. Featured here is the build your own pizza with sausage, basil, pepperoni, bacon and mozzarella and man was it yummmmyyyyyy! The ingredients were so fresh. The crust was thin, yet slightly chewy (in a delicious way). The ambiance was fun & hip. The pizza was pretty large, even the smallest option. And the drinks were also great as well! There are two locations in the Cincinnati area (OTR and Madeira). I love them both, but if you are in the Madeira area and the weather is nice, I encourage you to sit outside to get the full experience. Do I reallyyyy need to say more for you to hop in your car and go?! 🙂


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