The Smith- East Village NY location

I was visiting New York and literally ran to The Smith restaurant in the cold rain after it was highly recommended. Once I entered, I knew I was in for a treat. Oh how much I love a cozy restaurant with a hip vibe, which is exactly what I walked into! The black and white décor may remind you of a diner, but the food and drink options provide you with a much more refined experience. My drink of choice (you know, to warm me back up..) was “The Gatsby” containing Brooklyn gin, rasberry, lemon and sparkling wine. What a delicious way to kick it off! This was followed by Butternut Squash Rings as a snack and Cavatelli(10 hour short rib ragu with mascarpone) as my meal. YUM! Let’s just say I was short of licking each plate and had to force myself out of the booth. Do yourself a favor and visit one of their NY or D.C. locations because you deserve it!

The Smith



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