Red Rooster- Harlem, NY

Before venturing off to Red Rooster in Harlem, prepare yourself to listen to great music, let your hair down, eat delicious food, and dance in your chair (or on the floor if you choose)! The restaurant, opened by acclaimed chef Marcus Samuelson

& cofounder Andrew Chapman focuses on the roots of Harlem. Upon entering, you are immediately hit with vibrant colors and good vibes. They are well known for featuring live music and/or a DJ to help bring the neighborhood’s traditions to life. You will find lunch, brunch, dinner and dessert options on the menu (such as the ½ crispy bird / apple squash soup combo, homemade biscuits with chicken liver mousse, or banana dessert featured here). The menus often change with the season, which provide you with the opportunity to always try something new! Whether sitting at the bar, on the patio, or directly in view of the kitchen, you will experience a rare & entertaining experience and walk out completely satisfied with the food options!

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  1. […] For brunch, (after eating just one doughnut….I  do know how to eat in moderation at times), I made my way to Harlem’s Red Rooster. This is one of my FAVORITE restaurants not only because the food is amazing, but because the vibe is so cool! They always have some sort of music playing, whether it is over the speakers, with a live band, or with a DJ. The experience is truly one of a kind. For this visit, I chose Marcus’ cornbread (with honey butter and tomato jam) and the scrumptious chicken and waffle circa 1930 (with smoked maple syrup, rooster hot sauce, and pickles). Everything was PERFECT!! What I truly love about their food is their lack of fear for using bold ingredients. It makes a huge difference. If weather permits, I encourage you to sit outside to enjoy the vibe while watching the hussle and bussle of Harlem! For my previous review of the Red Rooster, click Here […]

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