Napa Valley, California

There is really something magical about Napa Valley. The hills and the valleys. The greenery, which is literally EVERYWHERE. The flowers. The people and their natural friendliness. And of course… the wineries. I have had the pleasure of visiting Napa twice in my life, visiting some of the top wineries in the area. There is never a feeling of redundancy, as  each provides a different experience from the next. It has quickly become one of my top places to visit, and this does not even touch on the food (separate blog post to come of course!) Word of advice when you go, plan ahead. It is such a well known, prestigious area, which means events, wineries, and restaurants book fast! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It is extremely hard not to fall in love with!

Favorite Winery- Caymus- The beauty of it was amazing and they played Motown music- seriously!


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