Tom + Chee – Cincinnati, OH location

If you are not already aware, Cincinnati-based Tom+Chee gained such a large nationwide name for themselves by being featured on Shark Tank in 2013, which made the name spread like Wildflower! Fast forward a few years later and major expansion, and you have where they are today…. a very large corporation! They are famously known for their grilled cheese sandwiches. Sounds simple, but it’s not. Their menu is filled with unique combinations that put normal grilled cheese sandwiches to shame. I have featured the original Tom+Chee (Cheddar+Mozzarella+Roma Tomaoes+Balsalmic Reduction+Garlic Seasoning+Parmesan Crusted Sour-White Bread) with chicken and bacon added. Additional items at the top of my list are the Pesto Turkey & the BBQ and Bacon (which has kettle BBQ chips on it…. WHAT?!) Let’s not forget about dessert people. They are also known for their grilled cheese donuts in a variety of flavors. I loveeee the S’More which adds chocolate pieces, graham cracker and Marshmallow mascarpone on top! I think I’ve made you hungry enough. See you there! 😉

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