Taste Of Belgium- Rookwood, OH location

Taste of Belgium is a Cincinnati based restaurant, which has now expanded to Columbus, Ohio. Let me start by discussing the authenticity of their waffle. There are multiple waffle variations to choose from. My favorite is the traditional with fried chicken and let me tell you, there is nothing “traditional” about it! They use a specially built cast iron waffle maker and use beet sugar directly from Belgium, which caramelizes in the waffle iron (Is your mouth watering yet?!) If you are not quite the waffle person, don’t let that hold you back. Their menu is robust with items such as crepes, burgers, steak, and beer cheese to name a few. They also have a full bar. I’d highly recommend their flavored mimosas. To top it off, they were also featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives with rave reviews. If you are near one of their locations, don’t walk…run to it. Your belly will thank me later! J



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