For the Love of Travel

Oh the pleasure of stepping off a plane or out of a car after a long road trip.

The smell of the air, the beauty of the atmosphere, the blend of cultures, the eagerness to venture out and explore right away…I love it all! Featured above is one of my favorite cities in the U.S, San Diego, which I plan to put roots in at some point in my life. They have great weather, great beaches, great food and great people…what’s not to love?!
I truly appreciate what unique areas outside of where I reside have to offer. Unless I set foot on every place on earth, I will always have a passion to explore.┬áIf for nothing else, traveling expands my knowledge and allows me to see, understand, and appreciate how others live…. something we certainly need more of in the world!
My brother sent me the picture below, stating it reminded him of me. I couldn’t agree more <3
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