Live to Eat

In many cities today, there is an abundance of new, hip, and eclectic restaurants opening their doors all over. I’ll tell you, this makes me feel like a kid in a playground!

There are never too many! Having the ability to pursue a new eatery is beyond exciting to me. I look for unique options belonging solely to a restaurant (such as the Vegetable Cocktail featuring seasonally fresh options from Press in St. Helena-pictured above) I also love to support new businesses breaking ground in the city they love. But let’s not forget about the historic restaurants offered in all cities. Within my many favorites, I have a deep appreciation for the charm, reputation, heart & soul put into their dishes.
When I am traveling in some capacity, I am typically the go to person for eating. Whether the city is big or small, I am guaranteed to find something fresh and delicious that will not disappoint! My goal in sharing my experiences with you is to help everyone’s search become a bit easier and to broaden each reader’s horizons!

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