The Eagle- Cincinnati, OH location

Amazing Fried Chicken. If that was all I wrote for this review, trust me, it would be enough. The chicken is that good, but let’s expand a bit more. The Eagle originated in Cincinnati, Ohio and has now expanded to Columbus, Indianapolis, and Louisville. As soon as they opened their doors in OTR, there were huge kudos thrown to their ability to use a combination of tender, juicy chicken with mildly crisp skin. That was enough for me to get there as fast as I could. To date, for entrees, I have tried the fried chicken, pork sandwich, and fried chicken sandwich. Let’s not forget about their sides. They are shareable, which allows you to have multiple items if dining with a guest (unless you would like to tackle multiple on your own…you little dare devil!) They are ALL great, with my favorites being the mac n cheese and greens. With these combinations, you will feel as if you are having soul food in the city!

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