Super Chefs-Columbus, OH

Let’s talk about a fun, comic book themed restaurant called Super Chefs. When you enter the location, you will be hit with tons of color and graphics, which makes for a pretty cool vibe! Then there’s the menu! You will find items you have never seen before, such as what I have featured: The Juggernaut (Waffle Sandwiches W/ Fried Chicken, Candied Bacon, Over Medium Eggs, American & Pepperjack Cheese Topped W/ Honey Drizzle & Maple Syrup) & The Super Scriddle (4 Jumbo Pancakes Stuffed W/ Scrambled Eggs, Candied Bacon, & Our House-Made Sausage Drizzled W/ Maple Syrup). Can you really tell me you’ve seen anything like this?? Yes, anyone can throw a bunch of things together and call it something interesting, but can you make it delicious? You can if you are Super Chefs! Please go…. experience the vibe. They are open until mid-day, which includes additional fun items for lunch!

Super Chefs
The Juggernaut

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